T2 chip! ByeBye 12in Macbook! Mojave yet? ssd again! New Win10 Version 1903!

The New T2 chip what is it? why do I want it? or DO I want it??

Apple has incorporated its own chip (the T2) in all new 2018 iMac’s and MacBook (pros and airs). This chip introduces some radical changes. A few are of value to users.  Some are neutral. Some are harmful and some are disastrous.
Lets look a bit closer.

Its the chip in the upper quadrant of this image.
The company introduced the T1 in late 2016 to handle the fingerprint processing for Touch ID sensors in the first Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros, and it also helped lock down sensitive components like the built-in microphones and cameras. Further, the T1 took over the System Management Controller (SMC), which is responsible for heat and power management, battery charging, and sleeping and waking the Mac. Finally, the T1 determines if MacOS is running on actual Apple hardware.

The T2 picks up from there, with four major capabilities:

  • It takes over all access to built-in solid-state drives, enabling real-time encryption and decryption so your data is never stored in the clear
  • It provides the processing power that lets you invoke Siri with “Hey Siri”
  • It offers image enhancement for built-in FaceTime HD cameras
  • It can optionally lock down a Mac’s boot process—so if someone were to steal your Mac, they wouldn’t be able to start it up using an external drive and steal your data

The T1 and T2 can do all these things because they’re basically separate computers with their own isolated memory and storage: they’re ARM chips running Apple’s bridgeOS. The T2 is based on the A10 processor that shipped in the iPhone 7, and bridgeOS derives from Apple’s watchOS. In some ways, the T1 and T2 act as independent co-processors, enhancing performance by handling common tasks for the Mac and enabling the CPU to focus on other things. But in other ways, they significantly beef up security, since they offer a fully independent system that remains secure even if MacOS is compromised.

So the benefit?  since it locks down the Mac boot process (you can no longer boot from an external drive by default) – if someone steals your mac they have to do MUCH more to get into it!  That’s a plus.
It also makes FileVault (encryption of your hard drive) much faster and simpler – and done by default.  On current systems to invoke FileVault (or to disable it once its active) can take hours.  with T2 its immediate.
Also – it brings the touch-id capability of your iPhone to your mac.  its as accurate as your iPhone is (and in fact uses the same CPU as in an iPhone 7).
Not a bad feature as both Apple and Samsung have got the touch-id pretty much down pat at this point!

Drawbacks?  Plenty!  First of all, no more running Mac OS on non-apple systems.  the T2 chip knows if its running on a true Apple and no T2 chip detected – no booting on non-apple hardware.
Also – VERY MUCH LESS REPAIR ABILITY.  From the article:
The T2 chip requires technicians to run a proprietary diagnostic tool to replace certain components like flash storage, the Touch ID sensor, and the main logic board, which means repairs or replacement of those components can only be done at Apple Stores or by Apple Authorized Service Providers. Most Mac users will never need to replace those components, but it’s yet another way Macs are becoming less repairable.
OUCH!  its more like windows – you have to ‘activate’ certain components to replace them.  If you break your screen and buy a nice screen off eBay (even exactly the right component) the T2 chip will prevent you from being able to replace the screen by yourself!  BUMMER! (for both you and us at TopTech).
BIG drawbacks – there are frequent and widespread problems with audio on T2 equipped macs – with external sound devices.  If you are a DJ spinning tunes at a party and suddenly pops and hisses come out of your mac you will be upset!  Apple has yet to acknowledge the severity of the problem but reports are widespread.
ALSO – ZERO ability to do data recovery – if the T2 chips fails, your data is TOAST. TOAST TOAST.

All in all, I’m not a fan!

BYE BYE 12in MacBook.
Title says it all.  the 12in MacBook has been officially discontinued!

Still advise against it.  And the newest Mac OS Catalina?  First customer who tried it told us he is still looking at a spinning while ‘upgrading’ for 3 days now.  ’nuff said.
SSD prices continue to plummet!  I just got for $650 a FOUR TERABYTE Samsung drive!  A year ago this was $1600!  And – alas – I could not use it in my mac because the bootcamp breaks when a single partition exceeds 2TB!  Alas I had to return it.  BUT if your ONLY system is Mac OS (OR Windows!) these are beautiful.  Say goodbye to those external drives!  And hello to 10-15 second boot times!
Need an upgrade? Let us know we will be delighted to help you!
NEW WINDOWS 10 ver 1903. Thoughts?
Microsoft is rolling out 1903 now – the May 2019 update to windows 10.  There are a few tweaks, a couple of nice feature (the Sandbox allows you to install software that is problematic – say tends to lock up – and you can run it in an environment where it does NOT lock up the system if the software screws up – the sandbox can be restarted without the rest of the system being non-functional!
Normal sorts of problems – ‘Cant update this computer’ errors that are often just have USB drives installed – remove them before doing the upgrade!
Weird problems with start menu and taskbar have been reported. Some systems it really does NOT want to install on!
A big advantage for windows Home users – now you can pause windows updates – before only Pro users could STOP updates from being installed!


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