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Mike W

I would like to say that Craig Baker in this world of throw away computers and dial 1 if you want to talk to a help line in any of several countries is a bright spot in a world of mediocrity.
Craig took a great deal of time to trouble shoot my HP laptop that was shutting down unexpectedly.  He evaluated every way he could save the computer. But after a cooling fan replacement and two days of troubleshooting, it was determined it was the system board (not worth the cost to replace).
Craig took the time to explain to me in terms that a noncomputer person could understand what was wrong with my laptop and why he suggested that it was too expensive to be worthwhile to pursue working on it any further.
I explained to Craig that I was not eager to go out and buy a new computer at this time with Vista being out there and Windows 7 on the horizon.  I just needed something to get by.
Craig fixed me up with rejuvenated laptop, supposed of the same vintage (three years old) as my old laptop, except this laptop performs much better than the previous laptop did when it was brand new.
He transferred my old data in such a way that as soon as I got home I was back in business without having to reload all my software.  I am not sure that I will buy new again.  I have a lot more confidence in this computer, and with Craig’s explanation and his old fashioned customer service of standing by his work if there are any problems.  Craig has been around computing
since before MS DOS, and his skills and knowledge prove that out.  I highly recommend if you have a computer problem, a computer question or want to get a good computer to meet your needs that you start with Craig

Mike W 5 April 24, 2016

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Lavonne and Steve S

Incredible! The location is a bit funky (in a top corner of the antique store) but don’t let that detract from their service. Craig and his technicians are professional, knowledgeable and their services are reasonably priced. I took a laptop that crashed to them (hard-drive dumped) and Craig and his team replaced the hard-drive, loaded all the the applicable software AND recovered the data off my crashed hard-drive for a great price. I had Dell troubleshoot the same problem and their quote was much higher to replace the hard-drive and they stated they had no way to recover the data. I would recommend them to anyone – even the technically challenged. Don’t mess with second rate services – use these guys for your computer repairs.

Lavonne and Steve S 5 April 24, 2016

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Tommy H, 4/16/2015 (yelp)

Craig and Alex really know their stuff. I had a broken gaming computer that was a few years old and having a multitude of issues. They were able to diagnose all the problems, explain solutions clearly, and even helped me upgrade the computer enough to last me a few more years, all while staying within my budget. They were able to almost completely rebuild my computer for less time and money than I every could have imagined. On top of their technical skills, they are both friendly and patient. Any computer problems that I have in the future will go straight to these guys.

Tommy H 5 April 24, 2016

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Gail B

Don’t be fooled by this business nestled in an antique store. The owner has saved my computer, hubby’s laptop and even a phone. The office is closed on Tuesdays. If you don’t mind allowing permission to access remotely, you can have your laptop analyzed while you are still at home. The employees are honest and diligent

Gail B 5 April 24, 2016

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Dimitry N, 9/4/2014 (yelp)

These guys are great. If you still value the importance of supporting family businesses and appreciate years of experience that these guys have, then this is the place to go with your computer problems. They were quick at diagnosing the problem with my laptop, finding a solution, fixing the problem, explaining everything (and more), and charging a very reasonabe fee. You can’t go wrong with avoiding big chain store shops and going with these guys instead

Dimitry N 5 April 24, 2016

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Timothy B, 6/27/2013 (yelp)

Very simple operation on the second floor of a great antique shop.  Save the over whelming swarm of employees in blue shirts, table tops full of the lastest gagets, and a bar full of young cocky techs that diagnose your computer using a 30 second test.  Craig has been working on Apple computers since the company’s infancy.  He has competitive prices and fixed my display issue on my MacBook in one business day, without the need to send my computer off for an indefinite amount of time as the Apple Store would have done.  Although Macs are his specialty, he is also able to help with all makes and models as well.  I’ll definitely keep Craig, and The Eldest Geek, in mind for my future computer needs.   Highly recommend!

Timothy B 5 April 24, 2016

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Daryann L, 2/14/2013 (yelp)

Amazing service! Great communication. Hes so awesome even offered to deliver it to me because of my crazy schedule!

Daryann L 5 April 24, 2016

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Paul S, 2/28/2014 (yelp)

My laptop lid had separated from the keyboard, fortunately only on one side. I had gone and talked to three other service providers and did not get a feeling they wanted my business and they were expensive. Last on my list to see was Craig Baker at The Eldest Greek. Their office was in an unorthodox location however when I talked with Craig he made me feel that my business, however small, was important.  He fixed the problem on the spot and the cost was very reasonable. In addition I had some questions unrelated to my original problem, and when I asked Craig he was patient and took the time to help me. One suggestion has helped me solve a long standing problem.  I would recommend The Eldest Geek and especially Craig to anyone with a computer hardware or software problem.

Paul S 5 April 24, 2016

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Edwin O, 9/22/2014 (yelp)

I was in search of hard drive rails that would fit my custom PC and hold my hard drive in place. Though they didn’t have them (they don’t seem to be available anywhere), the gentleman brainstormed different solutions and suggestions and presented an alternative solution using screws, which although the original intention couldn’t work, I was able to use those screws in a different manner to secure my hard drive. So ultimately, problem solved! Great service.

Edwin O 5 April 24, 2016

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4/7/2015 Angieslist

After several weeks of the screen on my laptop occasionally flickering when initially turning the computer on, the screen went completely black. The laptop would still power on but I was unable to see anything on the screen. After doing some trouble shooting I realized that I would need a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. I contacted a few local computer repair companies and Craig was the first person who had an available appointment. Craig spoke to me over the phone and provided some initial thoughts as to what might be causing the problem. He told me I could bring the laptop in and he would take a look and provide a free estimate of how much the repairs would cost. I spoke with Craig a few hours after dropping the computer off and he informed me that he had determined that the screen on the laptop needed to be replaced (approximate cost = $150.) He said he would check to see if he had a replacement screen in stock and could have the computer fixed and ready for pick up on Wednesday, if that would work for me. (I dropped the laptop off on Monday at 11 a.m. Craig’s company is closed on Tuesdays.) I explained that I was unavailable on Wednesday and, if possible, would really appreciate it if there was any way that the repair could be made ASAP so I could pick up the computer later on Monday. Craig said he would try to get it finished so I could pick up the computer later that day. Craig called at 4:30 on Monday – the same day I dropped off the computer – to let me know that the laptop screen had been replaced and the laptop was ready for pick up. Craig replaced the laptop screen and I am now able to fully use the laptop again. Very quick and affordable service with straightforward communication as to what to expect with regard to timing and price.

5 April 24, 2016

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The Eldest Geek is Awesome! 11/7/2016 (thumbtack)

“He transferred all data from a damaged computer to a new computer. He did it while I waited. I was thoroughly pleased with the results.”

Ira P 5 December 8, 2016

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Truly Excellent Computer repair October 16, 2016 (thumbtack)

“Truly excellent. It takes a lot for me to write a review. The Eldest Geek got my computer fixed in 24 hours, which was super important since it is my work computer and I have upcoming deadlines. The price was reasonable and I couldn’t be happier. Well worth the drive to Alexandria.”

Edward R 5 December 8, 2016

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Apple Computer Repair Maggie H (Thumbtack July 13, 2016)

“Craig diagnosed my MacBook Air free of charge and once the issues had been explained to me, he then let me know all of my options for repair. Because my computer was already several years old, I had some questions about repairing it versus replacing it with a new one. Craig helped me weigh my options, and ultimately we decided to switch my hard drive into a used MacBook Air of the same year that he had in the shop. At no point during this process did I feel as though his primary interest was to get money out of me. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a computer repair!”

Maggie H 5 December 8, 2016

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Data Recovery Service Jane S (Thumbtack July 9, 2016)

“Craig was able to repair my MAC book from water damage. Saved me considerable $$$. Would use and recommend their services again!!!”

Jane S 5 December 8, 2016

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Computer Repair Rose B Thumbtack May 19,2016

Craig was able to fix my laptop in a day, no hourly charge though it was not an easy fix, I highly recommend The Eldest Geek. Price was very reasonable. They can fix any computer problem !”

Rose B 5 December 8, 2016

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PC Computer Repair Julio B Thumbtack May 1, 2016

The Hard Drive went bad on my 1 1/2 year old desktop. I took it to Craig (Oldest Geek) on a Friday and I had it back on Saturday. All my documents were saved and retrieved for me. Super fast and professional service. Awesome job..A+ Rating. Thank you”

Julio B 5 December 8, 2016

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Need Computer Repair Charles M

“MacBookPro was unresponsive. They installed a new battery at a very reasonable price and were extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. I highly recommend them. .”

Charles M 5 December 8, 2016

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Need an Apple Computer Technician Marjorie B Thumbtack June 29, 2015

“Alex is so personable and knowledgeable. He fixed my desktop iMac, gave me a tutorial in the new operating system, and charged me much less than Apple would have. 2 thumbs up. 5 stars. And the antique shop is a blast, too.”

Marjorie B 5 December 8, 2016

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Apple Repair Steve N Yelp 12/5/2016

I messed up my iMac by thinking it would be easy to swap out my hard drive for an SSD. Everything went well, until it didn’t… My display stopped working and the hard drive wasn’t detected.

These guys know what they are doing and kept in the loop throughout the entire process. I’ll definitely bring my Apple products here from now on. Take your Mac to the Apple Store if you want to pay double (if not more), The Eldest Geek has earned my highest respect. Job well done gentlemen!

Steve N 5 December 8, 2016

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Macbook Air repair Sarah P Yelp 10/11/2016

Originally, I took my Macbook Air to a different business, and after they told me it wasn’t fixable, Craig said he could handle it! When I brought it in, he opened the laptop directly in front of me, showed me the water damage that I hadn’t seen on my own, and was extremely helpful/knowledgeable. I enjoyed listening to him tell me stories while he assessed my broken laptop, and in the end, he gave me an excellent deal! The next time I have computer troubles (hopefully not anytime soon), I know where to come! Thank you, Craig!!

Sarah P 5 December 8, 2016

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Computer Repair Yelp 10/23/2016

These folks are amazing. I have used him in the past to fix my computer, which he did and he made it better than it was before I took it to him. I recently purchased a computer from him and got such a great deal. They are very knowledgeable and explain things on a level I can understand. I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend these folks.

Really M 5 December 8, 2016

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Macbook Air repair Sarah B Yelp 8/22/2016

Craig was amazing. Quality work and quick! I will be taking all of my computers to him when they need fixing. He really knows computers! I have a macbook air and the screen was completely removed from the keyboard. He was able to fix it the same day and it works it perfectly now! His prices are also extremely reasonable. Craig was a pleasure and to talk to and I really appreciate his work.

Sarah B 5 December 8, 2016

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Mac and PC Repair Yelp 3/21/2016

Craig is my go-to guy whenever I have a computer problem–Mac or PC. He is always honest and up front about what might be wrong, how much it might cost to fix it and offers handy suggestions of what to do next.
i have bought a refurbished Mac from him and it has worked flawlessly from Day One. He even transferred all my data from my old Mac.
I have recommended him to many friends and every one has reported that they had a good experience, too.
I’ll be seeing him this week with a new battery issue and I’m sure he’ll find a solution for me quickly and at a reasonable price.
To heck with those self-annointed, arrogant “Geniuses,” I’m a Geek fan through and through.

Patrice C 5 December 8, 2016

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Computer Experts! Viv M. Yelp 4/27/2016

The Eldest Geek Guys are honest, reliable computer experts with excellent customer service that fixed both an HP laptop and an iPod Touch for me.  Located on the 2nd floor of Mt Vernon Antique Center might sound unusual, but once you see their simple yet efficient set-up and get quoted an extremely reasonable price for service, you’ll understand the value of low overhead costs.

For someone that has thrown money at cars and boats that were well past their prime, it was refreshing to get an honest and clear assessment of future use/value of my electronic devices from these guys and then decide whether I wanted them serviced. They answered all my questions and were very straightforward and honest about what options I was looking at with my devices.  Both the HP laptop and the iPod Touch still had good use/viability and these guys put them both back to prime working order in less than 24 hours.

I wholeheartedly recommend these guys and will only use them in the future to fix my computers/phones/etc.

FYI: closed Tuesdays but open every other day including Saturdays and Sundays.  Parking is ample on either side of the building and there is a convenient street behind the building to re-enter traffic safely so you don’t have to try to make a left turn out onto the highway.

Viv M 5 December 8, 2016

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America needs more businesses like this-people who know what they are doing and who care about their customers.

Craig and Alex are masters of computer repair. I’ve been using computers since the late 1970s, and these guys are the absolute real deal. In addition to their expertise, they are very friendly, and they make customers feel right at home in their shop.

MIchael J, Falls Church 5 September 5, 2020

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