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With over 50 years experience, The Eldest Geek / TopTech are by FAR the most experienced and best shop in the Metro Area  area!
Any Problem – Any Computer – Doesn’t Matter!
Truly a Different Computer Store!
With our main store just south of Alexandria and a drop off location in Strasburg we are here to serve YOU!

No matter what your problem we can help YOU – and our estimates are FREE!
That’s right – bring us your problem child and we will diagnose the problem at no charge!

My name is Craig Baker – the Eldest Geek and I’ve been in the computer business for ever!

50 years experience – ANY computer, ANY problem – since before the PC existed!
Dell – Toshiba – Sony – HP – Compaq – Mac – Apple – Notebook – Laptop – Desktop – Server
Matters not if your need or problem is hardware or software or website or programming or security!

I offer unrivaled expertise – no matter the problem I can solve it! AND ESTIMATES ARE FREE!
I’m the oldest computer store owner – programmer – technician you will ever run into!
I had three computer stores in Colorado for 35 years before moving to the DC area in 2002!!!
Drop by my shop and see the FIRST computer I ever owned – whose claim to fame is she is the ONLY computer – EVER – to come in a Walnut Wood case! Check it out in Our Lab

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Need a good used computer? with a SIX MONTH WARRANTY?
I have laptops and desktops on hand – and ALL of my systems come with a WARRANTY and no one else offers you more than 30 days – if you are lucky! Macbooks, PCs, desktops, Laptops – I have a number onhand at all times!

Need your Mac repaired? Macbook, Imac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Retina? No problem!
I can do ANY Mac repair including efi password removal or liquid spill repair – for MUCH less than the Apple Stores! And I can do component level repair (micro-soldering) – not just replacing the board! I can fix things Apple tells you THEY cant fix! AND particularly important these days WE FIX ORPHANED APPLES!  Even when Apple threw away the parts for units prior to 2012 (and you discover at the same time they are only in the business of SELLING YOU A NEW MAC) WE can fix the older macs!
Estimates – NO CHARGE!

Plagued by viruses? Squaddites unable to help you?
I can take care of ANY virus/spyware infection, even ones that there is NO software you can purchase to clean them! (and there are an increasing number of these – they actually trick Windows into protecting them from being deleted! No kidding!).  And Macs are increasingly being targeted by Viruses – we clean them off too!

Hard drive crash? your data at risk? Geeks throwing up their hands?
Bring it by my store, and if it CAN be recovered, I can do it – even when the drive is no longer recognized or goes click-click-click.  If I cant recover YOUR data there is NO CHARGE!

Need a GOOD Website?  (or an improvement on the one you have?)
We have done over 700 websites – anywhere from $100 to $150,000! And we have our OWN servers – and we know what makes them work!  Need a new website or interested in an honest analysis of YOUR site? 
Come on down!  Its NO CHARGE!

Call the shop at 703-436-4756 or call my Cell – 703-401-3806!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
8332 Richmond Highway #205 , Alexandria VA 22309.
Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 and Sunday by Appointment