Running High Sierra on older macs – more Phishing – SSD Upgrades – and more!

RUNNING Sierra and High Sierra on older Macs! YES!

There are now patched versions for Sierra and High Sierra that let you run these even on OLDER Macs – where Apple wont let you upgrade!  We can report that it seems to work well – there are a few wrinkles – some Airport wireless cards simply will NOT work, but we have installed it on a number of 2008 2009 2010 Macs where otherwise you were stuck at Yosemite!


We are seeing these more and more and customers keep asking me!  Emails which contain an old email address (and your password!) claiming this is ‘proof’ they have hacked you and a nice bitcoin address to send $ to!  THEY ARE FAKE. ALL OF THEM. AND THEY CAN DO NOTHING TO YOU – THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN ON YOUR COMPUTER!  IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE!
Also, more occurrences of the pop-up box that tells you your system is infected and ‘Microsoft’ wants you to know so they can Help you!

ITS A SCAM.  Microsoft – Apple – Dell – NONE OF THEM care about YOUR computer and they will NEVER alert YOU in this manner!
You will lose your money – and possibly more as well!  IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE!SSD UPGRADES!
SSD prices continue to plummet!  I just got for $650 a FOUR TERABYTE Samsung drive!  A year ago this was $1600!  And – alas – I could not use it in my mac because the Bootcamp breaks when a single partition exceeds 2TB!  Alas I had to return it.  BUT if your ONLY system is Mac OS (OR Windows!) these are beautiful.  Say goodbye to those external drives!  And hello to 10-15 second boot times!
Need an upgrade? Let us know we will be delighted to help you!

Just read about a fellow arrested for having pornography on his Laptop!  He spilled coffee on it, took it to the Geek Squad and is now behind bars.
You may not know but Geek Squad Employees are PAID to look at your laptop and report on the contents!!!
Now – WE don’t care whats on your system. Its your business. And yes, years ago, I DID report a customer back in Colorado to the police when this law was new.  Never again!  He claimed a nephew had put the porn on his system. He was NOT charged. and BOY WAS HE PISSED — AT **ME**!!
I learned a lesson.  Not worth it.  Ever.

 I do NOT like the 2018 Models. They have eliminated the Lifeboat plug! Ever since 2016 the new touch bar macs NO LONGER HAVE A REMOVABLE HARD DRIVE! (SSD of course). Your Hard drive is simply a couple of chips on the logic board! You can’t expand it. You can’t replace it. AND IF YOUR LOGIC BOARD IS DAMAGED – how do you get back your information??
Well – there is a sneaky device (which most of the Apple stores don’t even know about) that allows me to plug into your dead logic board and mount your hard drive as an external drive on another Mac! So I can clone your drive and save all your information!
VERY cute – and hard to find. Paid a lot for one off eBay (and of course Apple will never sell you one its an internal piece of equipment!)
That has saved the lives (well, sanity at least) of several of our customers – and now in the newest 2018 models they have ELIMINATED this plug – so that there is NOW way to recover data off an irrepairable logic board! THANKS APPLE!
Additionally on the 2018 macs they are introducing a new security chip that will make it MUCH MUCH hard to fix your mac! It serializes all the components so that if you break your display on a new one (and discover that AppleCare does NOT cover damage to your screen) – We can put a brand new identical model screen on your mac and IT WILL NOT WORK! The T2 chip ‘knows’ that this not the display the mac shipped with – and wont allow the system to turn on! So – you MUST purchase (at Apple’s double-triple rate) a screen from Apple and have them do it! DOUBLE THANKS APPLE!
NOT a fan – for many reasons including technical, but Its SERIOUSLY limiting and hurting Apple customers. And to what benefit??
I have a nice Canon T5 camera – and a Fuji X100S for sale.  Come have a peek at them!
Also have a Sony E6400 but I’m keeping that I think 🙂
Have a new Gear Sport in its box.
Macs – as usual have a variety.  older and newer, thin and thick Imacs.
A 15 in retina.  A 13 in retina. Some Mac Airs.
I have one of two of the 2009-2010 Power Macs that can be HUGELY upraded! to Dual 6-core Xeon cpus that will rival any i7 Gamer!
PCs – have a good variety as well.  Some HP ProBooks and the newer nice Dell Ultrabooks (Latitude E72xx, E74xx)
ALL come with a six month warranty!