Mojave, 2 and 4 lane SSD’s M2 fun! Office 2011 and more!

SORRY FOR DELAY – its bit a while I know!
Have had some health issues and been super busy, and I had not realized it
had been a while since my last newsletter and some of you asked me where it was!
Well – I have had a few thoughts ūüôā
MOJAVE ODDITIES – Office 2011 is being killed!
If you have upgraded to Mojave – there are several things you need to know!
Office 2011 which I’ve used for years is being killed.¬† It wont run anymore!¬† After
the second mojave update, NO 32 bit software packages will be permitted to run
and Рyou guessed it!  Office 2011 is a 32 bit package.
Microsoft has stated they will NOT produce a 64 bit package of it (though they
do provide both 32 and 64 bit versions of Office 2016) – and so folks – thats i!
You have to upgrade ot Office 2016 – no choice!
Why not Office 365?¬† Well — Office 365 is their subscription package – and costs $99
per year – for the rest of your life!

Office 2016 (which we can install on your system for about $90) – is good forever!

APPLECARE vs APPLECARE PLUS Warranty whats the difference?
Our i-NINE 2018 Macbook pro 15in has APPLECARE PLUS warranty on it – and that

deserves some explanation!
Normal applecare warranty covers factory defect and failure only. If YOU spill liquid on it
Thats on YOU. Or you break the screen – yikes!
Applecare PLUS is a new offering (it adds about $400 to the pricetag of the mac!) – and Apple
gives you TWO get out of jail free (or much reduced price) cards!
You can use them for problems that YOU caused! and the (normally huge) Apple repair will be
reduced to $99 or $299 (depending on what happened) – that is a SUBSTANTIAL discount!!
But Рyou only can use them twice.  The third incident Рwell Рyou are on your own!
SSD Amusement!  And whats difference among SSDs?
We have had a number of customers bring us their SSD’s they bought¬†on ebay or amazon
and cant get them going!  Well there are a number of reasons why this is
happening.  In the Mac world, 2015 and 2013-2014 macbook pro/air SSD
drives LOOK identical – but they are not!¬† the 2015 are 4 lane SSD’s (faster
transfers) and the older units are 2-lane SSDs.  Even though they are physically
interchangeable, the older units simply cannot recognize the newer drives so they
dont work right!¬† In the PC world – there are MSata SSD’s and about a dozen flavors
of M.2 SSD.¬† The MSata’s are shorter and fatter, and emulate a SATA interface, much
more like the older platter drives.  M.2 Drives are longer thinner of different versions
(M key, B key B&M Key and A key) and different lengths!  You have to make sure YOUR

unit gets the SSD that fits!  Call us with any problems!

Among the many things we did in the Mt Vernon Antique Center was get involved in buying & selling

antiques (a bit) and gold and silver (QUITE a bit!)¬† I’m an official Precious Metals Dealer – and I can
assess and help you find homes for any unwanted items of this kind!¬† Give me a call and I’ll be
delighted to answer any questions. I give quite a bit more than pawn shops or jewelers! Email me
I have a nice Canon T5 camera Рand a Fuji X100S for sale.  Come have a peek at them!
Also have a Sony E6400¬†that I’m selling for $1000 ūüôā
AND a full frame Sony A7iiR one! come have a look!
Have a new Gear Sport in its box.And from our website? our Official List – all with 6 month warranty, and prices are negotiable ūüôā

DESCRIPTION                                                      BRAND  PRICE
Aspire R 11 Convertible intel Pentium quad core 1.6ghz, 32gb     Acer      150
Macbook Pro 2012, i7, 16gb RAM                                   Apple     750
Macbook Pro 2017, 13in TB i5 2.3ghz,8gb RAM                      Apple     1200
Macbook Pro 2014 13in retina. 3ghz i7 16gb 256gb MAX!            Apple     750
Macbook Pro 2017 13in TB 16gb 3.5g i7 512gb MAX!                 Apple     SOLD
Macbook pro 2018 15in **i9** 32gb of ram!!YES an i-NINE not i7!!
Macbook Pro 2016 PreTouch, i5, 16gb RAM                          Apple     SOLD
Imac 21″ mid 2011, i5, 2.5ghz, 4gb RAM, 1tb HDD¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Apple¬† ¬† ¬†400
Asus GL703V Р/2.8GHz Intel Core i7                              Asus      750
Asus q30tl i5-5200u @2.2 ghz, 8gb RAM                            Asus      150
Dell Inspiron 17 7786 2-in-1 i7-8565U,16gb DDR4                  Dell      SOLD
Dell Latitude 7480, i5-7300U, 8gb RAM DDR4                       Dell      400
HP EliteBook 8540p Рi5-520M 2.4GHz                              HP        100
HP g62-340US РAMD Athlon II Dual-Core (2.20 GHz)                HP        150
HP Elitebook 840 G3 I7-6600 2.6ghz, 8gb RAM                      HP        350
HP Envy TouchScreen 15, i7-4700mq, 2.4ghz, 8gb RAM               HP        350
HP ProBook 640 G1, i5-4200m, 2.5ghz, 4gb RAM                     HP        150
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535, 4gb RAM, AMD a8                       Lenovo    150
Lenovo G780, i7-3632QM, 2.2ghz, 8gb RAM                          Lenovo    325
Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 64gb, 1.9GHz Intel Core i5-4300U        Microsoft 200