Data recovery on Touchbars. Win10 ver 1909! membership club? and adoption corner

TOUCHBAR Data Recovery! its possible! but NOT on 2018+!!
Have been saving some folks bacon when their Touchbar (2016-2017) Macbook pro fails – but the data is important.
This is due to an apple device – which most Apple stores don’t have and most geniuses don’t know about!
Here it is in action:

We removed the Macbook pro 15 touchbar motherboard (its on the right) and attached our MAC MACHINE!
It uses the lifeboat connector that logically detaches the hard drive chips (the 4 chips at bottom of image) from the rest of the mac (which is dead)
and presents them as a drive to any mac attached to the box!
Then – we can clone the drive to an external and migrate the data to a new Mac!
We paid a lot for this unit – but every time we use it – we save a customer who otherwise would lose everything
as the SSD is NOT removable.
We purchased it in 2016 and have it used it quite a few times – but alas in 2018 the device is rendered unusable –
due to Apple’s incorporation of the T2 chip. They removed the lifeboat connector (where we attach to the mac logic
board) – but in fact it would not matter if they had left it as the T2 encrypts the hard drive, and if the T2 chip (and thus
the logic board) is non-functional, whether we could access the SSD chips or not they would be unreadable!
What does Apple say to owners of a 2018 or later Mac that has been damaged by liquid spill? Well – why didnt
you back it up? Seriously.
Now if I had realized in 2016 that this device would have been only useful for 2016 and 2017 macs? Heck, I would
still have acquired it!

WINDOWS 10 ver 1909 is out what is it?
Windows 10 just updated (Nov 12!) to version 1909 – which is presented as a user-selectable upgrade.
What is it? and do you want it? This is an odd update – which takes very little time to download and install.
But – what it does it it turns ON a bunch of features that actually you got in the prior version (1903) – but which
are INACTIVE in this version!
What are they? well its a pretty long list:
Take a look for yourself. Few are things you will notice currently, but as I note, you are only turning
on features you downloaded in the last update!

We are – as you know – a computer store – but we do component level repair and this means we
can fix non-computer devices – if warranted. It takes a good bit of research (and the information
is not always available) but we have repaired Car Computers, Bakery Machines, Keycard access system Control panels
all of which are VERY expensive to replace – or for which parts are unobtainable!
We will take a look at anything you need fixed – let me know!

Wish there was a TopTech Membership club? Let me know!

I have been asked twice in a week if we have a CLUB or Membership where you can join up and
get priority service and other benefits for a yearly rate. I had never thought of it, but please give me
some feedback! We would love the support (no kidding), and could offer a free onsite visit, and priority in-store
service for those interested. If I get enough folks thinking this might be a good idea I will do it! What would a good
price be? and what would YOU all like to have a TopTech membership cover?

Among the many things we did in the Mt Vernon Antique Center was get involved in buying & selling
antiques (a bit) and gold and silver (QUITE a bit!) I’m an official Precious Metals Dealer – and I can
assess and help you find homes for any unwanted items of this kind! Give me a call and I’ll be
delighted to answer any questions. I give quite a bit more than pawn shops or jewelers! Email me


I have a nice Canon T5 camera – and a Fuji X100S for sale. Come have a peek at them!
Also have a Sony E6500 that I’m selling for $1000 🙂
AND a full frame Sony A7iiR one! come have a look!
Have a new Gear Sport in its box.

And from our website? our Official List – all with 6 month warranty, and prices are negotiable 🙂

Macbook Pro 2012, i7, 16gb RAM Apple 750
Macbook Pro 2017, 13in TB i5 2.3ghz,8gb RAM Apple 1200
Macbook Pro 2014 13in retina. 3ghz i7 16gb 256gb MAX! Apple 750
Macbook Pro 2017 13in TB 16gb 3.5g i7 512gb MAX! Apple SOLD
Macbook pro 2018 15in **i9** 32gb of ram!!YES an i-NINE not i7!!
Macbook Pro 2016 PreTouch, i5, 16gb RAM Apple SOLD
Imac 21” mid 2011, i5, 2.5ghz, 4gb RAM, 1tb HDD Apple 400
Imac 27” late 2015 5k, i5, 3.2ghz, 16gb RAM, 512 SSD Apple 1200
Asus GL703V – /2.8GHz Intel Core i7 Asus 750
HP EliteBook 8540p – i5-520M 2.4GHz HP 100
HP g62-340US – AMD Athlon II Dual-Core (2.20 GHz) HP 150
HP Elitebook 840 G3 I7-6600 2.6ghz, 8gb RAM HP 350
HP Envy TouchScreen 15, i7-4700mq, 2.4ghz, 8gb RAM HP 350
HP ProBook 640 G1, i5-4200m, 2.5ghz, 4gb RAM HP 150
Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535, 4gb RAM, AMD a8 Lenovo 150
Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 64gb, i3 cpu Microsoft 300