More Bluffs – Mojave problems – Anyone for classes? Win10 1809, and more!

MORE BLUFFS – They are getting common!!
Many customers (and myself as well) have been receiving threatening emails claiming access to your system, planting viruses, got proof you are into child pornography and the like.  They are really getting common and I’ve seen more and more of them (and have had customers report them).
Also getting more common is the pop-up window when you are online telling you Microsoft has detected a virus and giving you a number to call!
If you do call they will CLAIM to be Microsoft – and thats when your problem begin!  First they want access to your system then they want a credit card sometimes for a ‘lifetime’ protection against further problems.

***** ITS ALL A LIE!  NOTHING THEY TELL YOU IS TRUE (starting with them being with Microsoft) ****

Your problems BEGIN if you respond to these!!  I have some customers (I’ve very fond of all of you) who seem to be vulnerable – just had one call me after he got infested thinking he had a ‘warranty’ that would pay for virus removal – and it was the scammers who bit him a while back!

Now to his credit he called me first – and I saved him from the nonsense.  But their warranty is meaningless! and they keep calling you to tell you to ‘complete’
your signup and receive your benifits!  Its REALLY getting common and you can get these from ANY website even the big ones!
Microsoft has started rolling 1809 out again as an update (again). This is the one they aborted the release of a few months ago – because the upgrade
deleted some customers Document Folders! It still should be avoided. Reports are they have removed support from some older Intel HD graphics
families – and obviously that would be a problem if you actually HAVE one of those graphics chips! They hopefully will get things right soon,
And I can report – now – that the horrible issues seem to be better!  I’ve had some customers get upgraded (without option!) and so far things are going ok.


Not yet folks.  Its getting better, but there still are some issues mainly with the upgrade process itself!

2011 Mac GPU replacements and liquid spills!  WE DO IT ALL INHOUSE!
We have GPU (graphics chip) parts onhand and we fix the common 2011 graphics issues on macs that Apple has declared ‘vintage’ meaning they wont work on them at ANY price!  We fix ALL these folks (they are still nice macs!) and do it inhouse!  Come on by and we will save your precious!

CLASSES? I keep getting asked – so I’ll ask YOU!

I have been asked if we are willing to a class – and the answer is sure if a number of you all would like one!  What would you like to hear about?  A general Q&A? Specific issues?  What I think of how the computer world has changed in the 50 years I’ve been involved?  Let me know!  I would be happy to see what I can do!

Lots of nice systems on hand – I’m making up a page especially for adoptions!

Have a very nice 2015 15in retina 2.2ghz i7. 256gb. 16gb.
Have a 2016 pretouchbar 13in with a very faint line down the screen but otherwise perfect.
Various 13in unibodies and 15in unibodies.and Mac Airs!
A VERY nice 7th generation Dell Latitude – thin, and FAST with SSD drive, 8gb ram.
ASUS VERY nice 15in gamer!
Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 tablet!
Nice 2013 Imac 21.5 inch i5 – the new thin screen model!
Nice 2015 27in Imac – we can fix them up with nice SSDs!
Also have been building some Mac Pro (Cheesegrater Silver Desktop) boxes
– and I have been most impressed! I upgraded one I bought last spring
and have now a dual Hexcore (12 core) 3.45 Xeon cpu, 32gb of ram, USB 3,
a good Radeon R9 4gb graphics card, and NICE 2TB SSD drives. This
system LOOKS like an old G5, but its a screamer!

and others as well ALL with 6 month warranties!