Windows XP the Hype and the Honest

You’ve no doubt seen the stupid ads on TV by PC Matic.

And your friends have expressed their concerns.

And we at the Eldest Geek have had a LOT of calls and customer visits related
to the ending of support for Windows XP…

In one word – this is garbage.

XP will NOT stop working (as some fear) – it will simply work the same way
it always has.
The only thing is they are discontinuing ‘fixes’ for XP. And its not like
they have been fixing much recently anyway! its an operating system that
is over 10 years old at this point.
So – your computers will continue to function – as they always have.
Nothing will change.
In fact, all that you will notice is – no more Windows Updates.
In fact, you can turn OFF Windows Update (very slightly speeding up your computer as it no longer has to check for them!)

Now – are the hackers rushing to take advantage of Microsoft’s actions?
HARDLY – Who really cares about finding NEW security holes in XP these days???


Now – back to that PC Matic Ad. Is PC Matic fixing the XP security flaws?
Hardly. They dont have access to the Microsoft source code for XP do they?
So they cannot FIX anything. They are merely a self-hyping online
virus scanning firm.

Personally, I hate ’em. Because what they promise is nonsense. Cant be done and certainly THEY cant do it.

Truth is if you cant get online (because one of the first things viruses
do often is disable your internet either intentionally or accidentally) – then PC Matic can do NOTHING. NADA. ZIPPO. ZILCH (love that word).

And there are far better antivirus programs and packages that are FREE and
do a much better job. At The Eldest Geek we use AVG and MalwareBytes.

I would not use PC Matic Ever.
And their claims are nothing more than were made by all their predecessors.


all these things do the same thing PC Matic does. They are just as much
hype and nonsense. They just exhausted their advertising budgets.

And they are all scams. They often CREATE bogus ‘problems’ they then proceed to tell you THEY will fix for you.

Back to Windows XP – if you like it and it does what you need there is
NO reason to change. And certainly, no reason to upgrade.
And every reason in the world NOT to upgrade to Windows 8
(as the PC Matic says). In fact you CANT upgrade to Windows 8 from XP –
its just installing windows 8 OVER XP. No upgrade at all. You lose all your
programs (need to reinstall them). Your files are safe, but all of your software
needs to be reinstalled.

And if you DO want to upgrade Windows 7 is MANY MANY MANY TIMES better
than Windows 8!

If you have any more questions drop by my shop and we’ll be happy to help you!