Security and Protection

A lot of any computer person’s work these days is virus and data security/recovery. And at The Eldest Geek we have unrivaled
expertise here. A lot of computer shops (and G**k Squads) can do little more than back up the data and wipe and restore
the system. But you lose all your software! And THEN you find you cant find the CD for TurboTax 2009!

We almost NEVER have to do this – we kill the viruses with a variety of tools. And we are almost successful.

If you are in range of our shop (soon to be one in Canada!) come on down and we’ll do it right.

If you aren’t, be aware of these steps – and you MAY be able to save your setup!

1) Use System Restore to back the system up to a date prior to the infections. The viruses are usually still there, but its
much easier to kill them if you can go back to before they started their malevolent activities!

2) ELIMINATE Norton and McAfee. These charge lots of $$$ and do a POOR job of protecting the system.
I can’t tell you HOW often badly infected systems come in the shop – and they have Norton, McAfee or both!!
Now – DONT uninstall them, make sure you get the Removal Tools for each of them –
google ‘Norton Removal Tool’ and ‘McAfee Removal Tool’. Use these tools to remove them. They are OFFICIAL
tools from Norton and McAfee – and they remove the software PROPERLY.
**** WARNING **** Using the Norton Uninstall from Add/Remove programs – will often leave your INTERNET DISABLED!!!

3) Run Adwcleaner by Xplode. google it. Its a good effective spyware remover. Google “Adwcleaner Xplode Cnet” for a good download.

4. Install and run Malwarebytes. The FREE VERSION is good forever and its VERY GOOD against the
very new nasties. It can kill things no one else can.

5. Install and run AVG. Its free for personal use – forever. This is the best general purpose cleaner imho.
Puts McAfee and Norton to shame – and its Free!

Hopefully by following these, you will find your system is back to working properly!