MacMenders – Viruses on Macs – really!


I’ve seen an alarming trend recently – it used to be I saw a Mac virus about once in several years. (once in 10 years originally!)
But we’ve dealt with THREE infected macs in the last 2 weeks.
This is alarming.  Macs have generally been spared the virus writers attention – but it seems not any more.
Why?  Its hard to say.
Viruses are divided into two groups – those written with malicious intent, usually by 17 year olds in Eastern Europe or China –
and those that are basically commercial.  ‘Spyware’.

The first group of viruses spared macs – because there was little bragging ability!  There are FAR more PCs than Macs.  So if your
objective is to infect more computers than the fellow sitting next you in the hackers bragging chatroom – you are going to attack PCs.

The second group – that wants to show you advertising – now Macs have always been more attractive to them even with the smaller numbers,
because Mac users tend to be more affluent than PC users.  Macs cost more to own and to run.  Mac customers are more loyal – and
often have multiple Macs.
So maybe some advertising firm has determined that some Mac viruses will be better placed to show their wares than PC viruses.

Heck its only a guess.  But its probably something close to this.
These virus writers are being paid to hijack your searches, popping up advertisements and the like on YOUR computer.

What to do??

Well, first thing is to be aware.  When you see ‘trovi’ in your URL in Safari or Firefox – no question you have been affected.
Trovi is a search hijacker – you go to THEIR website (which looks a bit like Google) to do your searches.  THEY are watching everything
you type and everything you do.

First thing to do however – is DONT PANIC.
Mac OS is FAR more virus resistant to attack than Windows.  It is MUCH harder for a virus to get into the system, and there is MUCH
less damage that they can cause!
Whereas viruses can so corrupt Windows that sometimes you really just need to back up the data and wipe and reload everything.
And, viruses can use quirks in the Windows operating system – and if they can infect some critical windows files, the operating system
itself PROTECTS the viruses from removal!!

In the Mac world – viruses are MUCH easier to detect, and to remove.  And they do far less damage.

FORTUNATELY – we do have some effective anti-virus and anti-spyware software – check out Avast for the Mac.  Its free, forever,
and does a good job getting rid of these critters!
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