I just ran into a HORRIBLE problem with the Yosemite upgrade – and you will too – if you use BOOTCAMP to partition your drive and have Windows 7 as well as Mac OSX on your computer!

The Yosemite upgrade seemed to go fine – no warnings no messages – but when I rebooted I noticed my Windows drive was – GONE!

The Yosemite installer wrote a Mac partition right on top of the NTFS where Windows 7 lives – and destroyed everything!

Fortunately I had a very recent backup, but all need to be aware of this HUGE flaw in their program.  I spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple yesterday getting them to realize the enormity of this problem!

if you do want to install Yosemite AND YOU BOOTCAMP – you need to clone the NTFS partition onto an external drive before the upgrade because it may (as in MY case) wipe the NTFS partition!

what I did to recover (fortunately I had a recent clone of the NTFS partition made with Casper) – was to delete the faulty partition in Disk Manager, expand the Mac partition to fill the whole drive – then go through BOOTCAMP installation again – completely!

Then when you are finished and have a new NTFS partition you can boot off an external DVD (made with Casper again) and reclone back onto the new BOOTCAMP partion – and you will be back to a functional state!

Call me if you want to do this and need help!

IPHONE6 – and the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5!

Just a note for you folks who love their Iphones – I love my 5S plenty! – My stepson Alex had a customer bring us a Galaxy S4 – and he has converted from his iPhone to it – and LOVES IT.  The Galaxy is a true iPhone competitor – and there is much it can do that an iPhone cannot!
the new iPhone6 is a big advance on the iPhone5 – but there is much where it has NOT YET CAUGHT up to the Galaxy S5!
Alex says that he’s not going back!

Check it out if you are interested in its capabilities – but among other things it has an internal microSD card slot so you can add 128gb of storage to it – on your own!  And – you can setup this internal drive to boot Win7 or Mac OSX – as there is a standard usb connector allowing you to boot of your phone!
Great for technicians believe you me!


I have for sale several NICE MACS! (as usual)!

20in Imac Aluminum model – $650
13in 2014 Macbook Air – 128gb 4gb ram.  only 2 months old! $950
13in 2012 Macbook Pro 13 – 4gb, 500gb, 2.5g I5 $850
15in and 17in also available!

All units some with Mavericks, Office 2008 and Ilife2011 installed – and my great SIX MONTH WARRANTY!


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