APOLOGIES – Its been a while. Super busy helping folks in these Days of the Virus!
I try to get these out once a month, but I’ve had a lot going on. Its been hard on our business (We were NOT able to get ANY PPP funding sad!!!)
and we have been working 7 days a week, keeping customers operational in this time of panic and stress.
BUSINESS HOURS CHANGE – I’ve started going home at 6pm not 7pm – at the end of the day we are pretty exhausted anyway!
But I’ve usually been in most Sundays as well! We are here to help you whatever your needs to the best of our abilities!
Please feel free to reply and contact me with any thoughts or suggestions for the newsletter!
And if anyone you know would benefit send me their email and I’ll add them!We are all very grateful for our customers – especially in this time of trouble. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – TopTech is designated as an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS and will remain OPEN!10-6 Monday through Saturday.. And Sunday by appointment. Curbsite Pickup as needed. Pickup and delivery as needed! Even masked!
All of use are well currently – no sign of the VIRUS! Call us! People are coming from Rockville saying we are the only computer store open! LOCAL HDD Recovery!
We have acquired a Class 100 Flow Bench that allows me to disassemble hard drives – trying to get around

the need to send them to a clean room and pay $1000! Having some luck swapping platters! Interesting!!!WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT
Need your website fixed up? Many dont know that I do WEBSITES – and have done over 700 of them anywhere from $100 to $100k!
Recently have been bringing in some good Irish talent (I went to college in Ireland) and they have been helping do sites with me!
Need help?? Let me know! We also HOST sites on my servers for only $6 per month including emails and minor updates!2020 Mac Sadness – VIRTUALLY UNREPAIRABLE!I have been telling folks about the 2020 Macs and a real problem that customers are not aware of as yet! If you get a 2020 Macyou MUST get the applecare PLUS additional warranty. The T2 chip now locks down even the screen so if you break ANYTHING in thismac – I can buy a nice cheap (hah!) screen off ebay for less than Apple will charge BUT IT CANNOT BE USED – the T2 chip will refuseto allow it to boot up with a screen different from the original shipped by apple!
You now literally can change NOTHING in a new mac without paying apple to do it for you!
The Applecare PLUS give you TWO “Get out of Jail at a reduced price” cards which cover USER CAUSED PROBLEMS!
You spill liquid on it, you break the screen, the LARGE repair bill will be reduced to $99 or $299.
But only TWO cards third time its full price!
Now we CAN do some repair on these boards and are willing to look at them for you because — DRUM ROLL — Apple will only REPLACEthe damaged logic board – and your DATA IS GONE PERMANENTLY!If you DATA is more valuable than the computer maybe we can repair the unit and save the data. Thats the ONLY WAY to get your information back on a failed 2018-2020 mac. APPLE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RESTORE YOUR INFORMATION!!!
So – WORD TO THE WISE. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. For Apple owners its dead easy attach an external drive (at ALL times) and turn on Time Machine! No excuse for losing data on an apple!BLAST FROM THE PAST!
I’ve been recently working on THREE Super old computers – a two Windows 98 machines and an XP! What FUN they have been!
Technicians these days have never even SEEN a Windows 98 computer let alone know how to keep it working!REMOTE SUPPORT AT TOPTECH AS LONG AS YOU CAN GET ONLINE WE CAN VISIT!Particularly in the Coronavirus days – we CAN do a LOT of things remotely from our shop!
Go to www.theeldestgeek.com/support – and download the Remote Support technician.
Run it and put in your name and call us and we can come take over your system remotelyto fix issues! There is a LOT we can do remotely. And the Coronavirus does not travel overthe internet!
Now of course, if you cannot get online — we cant visit :)We will charge for remote visits, but promise to be cheap!