Thoughts on the Win10 Free upgrade


I’ve gone back and forth many times over my own possible upgrade.
I’ve decided AGAINST doing it.  For several reasons.
One – my own laptop is a 2011 17in Macbook Pro.  Best laptop Apple has made.  And Apple in their wisdom decided in BootCamp6 to limit windows 10 drivers – to 2012 and newer computers!

Yes, I could have done the upgrade and dealt with various of the issues that result – and resolved all of them.
But it gave me a good time to think.

Windows 10 has been around a year.  And I’ve run into MANY problems.  And they have NOT been fixed!!
One of the most common is the sluggish behaviour that you discover is because your disk is being beaten within an inch of its life!  (Disk Usage revealed by Task Manager – is 100% and pegged!)
It turns out Windows 10 is trying to be too clever by half and it tries to predict what parts of the disk drive you will need NEXT – and preloads them for faster performance.  Great if its right. Terrible if its wrong – you get a condition called Thrashing where the disk drive is constantly being – well – Thrashed.
This problem was discovered – almost immediately.  And as of a system I’m writing this computer – on still no fix – from Microsoft. There is a procedure (just got done doing it) to turn off this nifty bug – sorry – feature – but Microsoft has done nothing about the issue in general.

And this brings is to Microsoft Updates.  On Windows 7, I can see what updates Microsoft wants to apply.  I can pick and choose.  Under Windows 10 Microsoft installs whatever updates it wants to when it wants to.
Why do you care?  Because not all updates are good.  There are a half-dozen windows 7 updates that crash various computers with various specific sets of hardware/video/processor equipment (most commonly with HP computers by the way).  When it happens we can boot to Last Known Good state, see the updates that it just applied (or had downloaded and was ready to appy) and then notice that KBxxxyyyzzz Causes Problems on HP Laptops with ATI Graphics and the AMD Processor (not really just an example).
Then we can pick that update and HIDE it so that it is NEVER installed.  Problem avoided.

But on Windows 10 if we roll back the registry to before the nasty update – and get a stable system again – Microsoft will just go ahead and install it again!

That’s a bummer.

Anyway those of you who DID the upgrade within the last month you might want to know you can revert the system back to Windows 7 (if thats where you came from) – and you will ALWAYS be able to upgrade to 10 no charge later.

Now if you have Windows 8 – as I have said the 10 upgrade was a NO BRAINER.  Windows 8 was a disaster.  Then, now and forever.

But Windows 7 has served me well.  I’ve decide to stick with it!

Been doing lots of apple repairs.  We fix liquid spills – and in fact anything – where Apple will tell you $800-$900-$1000.  Usually for about half of what they cost.  AND with a 90 day warranty.
Any problems – remember we fix ANY computer ANY problem it does NOT matter!


I’ve done over 700 of them – anywhere from $100 to $150,000.
AND I can host them – And I know what makes them work!!!

If you need one – or need yours improved – give me a holler. Happy to help!

Still have a wonderful 2011 27in Imac needing a home!
Its an 3.4ghz I7 with 8gb of ram and a 2 Terabyte Drive!!  TASTY! $1200
Also got in a 2011 17in Macbook Pro – with a spanking new logic board.  VERY MUCH LIKE MY OWN! Looks BEAUTIFUL!.  worth about $1200
Have several of the 2013 21.5in Imac (one of the new SuperThin models). Has a broken screen, but when it gets an owner I’ll replace it and give a 6 month warranty!

Also have a 2015 15in retina that will be available soon. VERY nice and we are repairing the logic board currently (we do component level repair after all)

A couple of Mac Airs are onhand – 2015 11 inch.