Mike W

April 24, 2016

I would like to say that Craig Baker in this world of throw away computers and dial 1 if you want to talk to a help line in any of several countries is a bright spot in a world of mediocrity.
Craig took a great deal of time to trouble shoot my HP laptop that was shutting down unexpectedly.  He evaluated every way he could save the computer. But after a cooling fan replacement and two days of troubleshooting, it was determined it was the system board (not worth the cost to replace).
Craig took the time to explain to me in terms that a noncomputer person could understand what was wrong with my laptop and why he suggested that it was too expensive to be worthwhile to pursue working on it any further.
I explained to Craig that I was not eager to go out and buy a new computer at this time with Vista being out there and Windows 7 on the horizon.  I just needed something to get by.
Craig fixed me up with rejuvenated laptop, supposed of the same vintage (three years old) as my old laptop, except this laptop performs much better than the previous laptop did when it was brand new.
He transferred my old data in such a way that as soon as I got home I was back in business without having to reload all my software.  I am not sure that I will buy new again.  I have a lot more confidence in this computer, and with Craig’s explanation and his old fashioned customer service of standing by his work if there are any problems.  Craig has been around computing
since before MS DOS, and his skills and knowledge prove that out.  I highly recommend if you have a computer problem, a computer question or want to get a good computer to meet your needs that you start with Craig