4/7/2015 Angieslist

April 24, 2016

After several weeks of the screen on my laptop occasionally flickering when initially turning the computer on, the screen went completely black. The laptop would still power on but I was unable to see anything on the screen. After doing some trouble shooting I realized that I would need a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. I contacted a few local computer repair companies and Craig was the first person who had an available appointment. Craig spoke to me over the phone and provided some initial thoughts as to what might be causing the problem. He told me I could bring the laptop in and he would take a look and provide a free estimate of how much the repairs would cost. I spoke with Craig a few hours after dropping the computer off and he informed me that he had determined that the screen on the laptop needed to be replaced (approximate cost = $150.) He said he would check to see if he had a replacement screen in stock and could have the computer fixed and ready for pick up on Wednesday, if that would work for me. (I dropped the laptop off on Monday at 11 a.m. Craig’s company is closed on Tuesdays.) I explained that I was unavailable on Wednesday and, if possible, would really appreciate it if there was any way that the repair could be made ASAP so I could pick up the computer later on Monday. Craig said he would try to get it finished so I could pick up the computer later that day. Craig called at 4:30 on Monday – the same day I dropped off the computer – to let me know that the laptop screen had been replaced and the laptop was ready for pick up. Craig replaced the laptop screen and I am now able to fully use the laptop again. Very quick and affordable service with straightforward communication as to what to expect with regard to timing and price.