SIERRA – Windows 10 woes – and other issues!

SIERRA – whats the story now?

OS Sierra seems to be acceptable now – and we are putting it on our newer macs ūüôā

And I’ve just installed it on MY macbook – and make sure you immediately get to 10.12.2 updates!
Apply ALL updates.
So far, so good!  I like it and it seems to be nice and snappy on my 2011 Macbook Pro

Call us with any problems!


WINDOWS 10 ISSUES – and the Anniversary update!
It looks now like a LOT of the windows 10 issues (and there have been many) seem to be fixed with the Anniversary update. 
I’ve had many many differing odd problems.¬† Disappearing wireless (WLAN config service simply refused to start and error was untraceable) – odd touch screen behaviour, jerky keyboard, odd video problems – and voila!
Install that Anniversary update from a USB stick from within your windows and many problems seem to go away!!!
Of course, back up first if at all possible!
I’ve been following the DNC and Podesta hacks and been watching with considerable interest the current round of fingerpointing – at Russia!
Now in a former life I was a very good hacker (with a name I’ve not uttered in 35+ years).¬† And I knew some Russian hackers. First class folks.
let me assure everyone – if a good Russian hacker got into your system and did not want YOU to know it – you would NEVER FIND ANY EVIDENCE.
Its involved, but well within a good hacker’s capability to eliminate login traces from system logs, delete them from the user accounts, and in general remove ANY trace of your visit.¬† Its involved and technical and pretty time consuming to do it right – but a good Russian hacker certainly would be able to do this.

So what do we make of the political statements made and leaked over the last few weeks?

I just dont believe it.¬† Bad hackers may have left traces but they would NOT be in Putin’s employ (he can afford the best!).
And we have Julian Assange and that British politician assuring us it was NOT a hack at all – a leak of emails from the DNC from a Bernie supporter no doubt (and can you believe them for being pissed??)

Also use a bit of logic¬† A wonderful old Latin phrase is Cui Bono?¬† “Who benefits”?
The leaks started in spring 2015.  More than a year before the election.  And in spring 2015, Trump was not even running yet!!!
Why would you want to leak things against Hillary when everyone was saying she was the 100% winner?¬† Wouldn’t you just anger her when she eventually won anyway?
You might leak things in the primary to help Bernie, but it just does not make any sense to me.  Obama and Hillary have hardly opposed Russia on anything have they?

Obama canned the Missile Shield in Europe.  They would not support the Syrian rebels.  Why would Putin have been displeased to have her as President?

Anyway, as I said I just dont believe it was the Russians leaving evidence.  They are simply good enough to not leave fingerprints!

SSD Drives.  Upgrades.  And how good is Crucial?

We have a had a number of customers in the last few weeks bring their iMacs after doing do it yourself SSD upgrades – and messing it up but good!
I’m not being overly critical because these are DELICATE operations.¬† Your finger slips and the video connector rips off the board.¬† You don’t have the cable plugged EXACTLY in right -and power goes where it is not supposed to go (damaged a 27in screen in the progress!!).
The Youtube clips seem to show its easy.¬† Its NOT folks – and we’ve done plenty of them.¬† and *I* approach these with great care!!!

So if you want an upgrade bring it by the shop and we’ll take care of it for you.

And Рsome further discussion. WHICH SSD?  Well there are two big makers.  Samsung EVO series and the Crucial equivalent.
I just upgraded my OWN Macbook to a 2TB SSD drive – and I picked the Crucial drive.
why?  The Samsung EVO series ARE a bit faster. (and quite a bit more money).  but there is

something I feel important about the Crucial drive.
Its made by Micron Tech and they are the ONLY AMERICAN MEMORY MAKER.

Technologically they are both top notch using the latest 3D memory organization (making writes faster).  Yes the EVO is superior slightly speedwise in all the benchmarks Рbut either is a BIG improvement over a platter (standard) HD drive Рand I decided I wanted to get the American made drive.  And it even cost less (under $500!)

I’ve always been a independently minded conservative type (I’ve voted for both parties routinely) – and Free Trade is surely a good goal.
But there IS a caveat and it is something I’ve become more concerned about recently.¬† America no longer makes many of the technologies that WE invented!¬† TVs, LED screens for laptops and phones, memory chips (apart from Micron Tech) – and at some point these become a strategic question.¬† It would not displease me to have the Government declare that the

making of LED screens is a matter of national security -and subsidize some USA firm to manufacture them here.  As an example. Others would follow.

Now it would raise prices, slightly.¬† We may not have the top nicest technology available – but we WOULD remove a vulnerability to a trade extortion (no LED screens for YOU until ….).¬† And also I believe that some segment of the US Market would respond positively to the availability of more US Made products in these areas.

I will always remember a customer some 10 years ago who wanted a COMPLETELY USA Made computer.  and he was willing to pay ANY price.
I could NOT build him one – at any price!


¬†I’ve done over 700 of them – anywhere from $100 to $150,000.
AND I can host them – And I know what makes them work!!!
If you need one – or need yours improved – give me a holler. Happy to help! And I’ll take a look at your existing site and give my opinion of it!
(and yes I’ve complimented some customers that they have a NICE website!)

Have some NICE Convertible PC laptops (ones where the touchscreen folks back over and turns into a tablet).
A nice Lenovo Yoga 2 – 11 inch – all set to go with Windows 10!
Nice Touch screen Acer.
A GORGEOUS Asus Gamer computer with a video card with 2GB of memory!
And a nice touch screen dell 15in laptop. And several DELL Ultrabooks – super thin and SSD drives!

Still have a wonderful 2011 27in Imac needing a home!
Its an 3.4ghz I7 with 8gb of ram and a 2 Terabyte Drive!!  TASTY! $1200
Have one of the 2013 21.5in Imac (one of the new SuperThin models). I’ve just received the screens for it so I can build it up with any side drive or memory – which we want to do BEFORE I put the screen on!!

Also have a 2013 15in retina that will is available. VERY nice with 8gb, i7 cpu and 128gb drive.  Only $1000 with 6 month warranty
2014 13in Macbook Air Р4gb, 128gb.  works great!
2013 13in Retina. 8gb, 128gb.

Take care folks.  and look forward to hear from you!