CIA Dump & Russia – Win10 oddities, SSD trim effect, and more!

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CIA Dump – and the Russians

¬†I’ve noted in a couple of newsletters my disbelief that the Russians had anything to do with the election ‘hacking’.¬† In a nutshell I’ve known Russian hackers and folks they are PLENTY good enough to NOT LEAVE FINGERPRINTS.¬† Good enough that if they got into your server YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW.

Now this week via Wikileaks we get a dump of CIA documents and one of them (‘Umbrage’ if I recall) details methods to use Russian malware (that the CIA had on hand) and how to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOUR ATTACK CAME FROM Russia!

Now THAT is interesting is it not?

Just consider for a second.¬† Russia had no ‘reason’ to attack the DNC as in their estimate (and all others) Hillary was the prohibitive favorite to be the next president.¬† That would surely piss her off – and not change the election (Trump was not even the candidate when all of this started).

‘Cui bono’ is a wonderful old Latin phrase to be reflected on when considering how likely some event is to be due to some party.

It translates as ‘Who benefits’ and its just not clear to me that the Russians pissing off the Democrats benefits anyone..
BUT – consider that during the 2+ years of the campaign, it was discovered that Hillary had a home brew server in her basement with lots of classified documents on it.¬† She ignored any directive or restriction covering handling classified information.¬† She deleted emails she was supposed to save. Someone stripped off classification marks and forwarded them to this server. Things that any lesser individual would have been jailed for and top secret access stripped.¬† Oh wait that others HAVE been jailed for etc etc….

Surely career Intel people (not the chip firm) would have been horrified at the concept of her becoming president!
What if it was someone in the CIA who broken into the DNC Рand left fingerprints pointing at Russia?  It greatly embarrassed Hillary. And it could not have been traced back to YOU.  Now THAT is a motive worthy of consideration.
In any legal arena would this not be called Reasonable Doubt?
Just a thought.

CIA Dump – and YOU

I find it VERY disturbing that the CIA has spent the time and effort to turn your Smartphone against you!¬† They apparently can create a ‘fake off’ state where your webcam on your iPhone (or Mac, PC or even a TV) appears to be inactive – but infact is on and listening and watching YOU.¬† They state that this is only for overseas operations.¬† But … (insert your level of disbelief here).

More stories this week that the FBI has been using Best Buy / The Geek Squad – as paid agents – and have used them to investigate various folks computers when they were in for service!
ONE MORE reason to NEVER use the Geek Squad (did you need any more? LOL)
Now if only the FBI would pay ME to spy on my customers … oh wait.¬† Not very good for business methinks!
Check out the story at

Really makes you think.  No warrant required when the Geek Squad pokes through your computer!

And no the ‘if you have nothing to hide’ really does not cover this.¬† This is nothing short of outrageous.
There is a serious bond of trust been computer owner and computer store.¬† Many years ago in Colorado before I moved out here there was a Jewelry store owner I knew (avid bridge player) who had a business run by his family for over 100 years. (No I dont want to give his name out) A customer went to the cops claiming (loudly) that she had taken a diamond ring in to him to be cleaned – and it came back with a different (and cheaper) stone!¬† The cops just didn’t believe her (his reputation was spotless!!) but she made a loud enough stink (going to the Mayor of Boulder etc) that finally just to mollify her the police sent in a undercover officer with a ring to be cleaned – and it came back with a different and much less expensive diamond!
When the store owner was confronted he broke down immediately Рadmitted the swaps and was blaming the economy, he was trying to save his store Рand the like.  Needless to say his business was Рimmediately Рdestroyed.  No one would give this man the time of day and he was ruined in every possible sense of that word (I believe he avoided jail time only by making full restitution and closing shop).
This was such a violation of trust Рexactly because VERY few customers would even know if you swapped diamonds on them!  I give great credit and tip of the hat to the lady who JUST KEPT ON BUGGING the police because she was absolutely right!

Now consider again what the Geek Squad has been doing.  Why are THEY not out of business?

WINDOWS 10 and the Anniversary Update


We have noticed on quite a few recent computers that the Anniversary Update reinstalled can correct many windows 10 problems that otherwise would need a LOT of tracking down when some windows file gets stepped on.  And the good thing is that you can ALWAYS install the anniversary update (build 1607) ontop of any windows 10 computer even if it already had it installed.  Good to know if your system is behaving oddly.

Bring it by the shop and we can do it for you ūüôā¬† So far it has been very effective fixing a variety of Win10 problems!
SSD TRIM EFFECT – and a sad side effect…

I’ve run into several systems recently where a SSD drive had been erased (once on purpose several times by accident). SSD Drives have a feature called TRIM which if you have it set, it makes writing to the drive faster (by clearing cells in the background so to speak).¬† There is a side effect – the data is NOT RECOVERABLE by any utility if you erase it accidentally!¬† On a standard platter drive you can run data recovery software and get the information back with a high degree of success.¬† Not so on SSD Drives with TRIM set.¬† This makes it EVEN MORE IMPORTANT that you BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER PROPERLY!¬† Feel free to ask for help if you want to learn how to back up properly – We are here and happy to help!


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