Curious how I got into computers?
I studied Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science in College, receiving a BA in Physics, a BA in Mathematics, a Masters in Mathematics, and a Masters in Computer Science.

The first three I received from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and the last, from the University of Colorado.

I worked for a number of years for the Federal Government, advancing to a level GS-11 as a Computer Specialist

I worked for the Wave Propagation Laboratory in NOAA and managed/maintained and programmed our Digital PDP 11/60 (and other) computers. THOSE were the days 🙂

Alas, after a number of years, I simply got bored. There were no challenges left, and I had advanced as far as I could (I was working under a GS-12).
As comfortable as it was, (I had received a number of awards)
I was yearning to be out on my own – and one day I simply resigned.

Since then, although there have been some VERY lean times and I had serious concerns where my next meal was going to come from, at least I’ve NEVER been bored!

I’ve done just about everything computer-related from repairs (down to the chip level in the old days!), to programming (I’ve headed big development projects – and done other bigger projects by myself – with the aid of copious quantities of Diet Dr Pepper!).
JOLT is for nerds!

I ran one of the FIRST Multi-line BBS systems running MP/M (a multi-user version of CP/M hacked by myself to make it work!) – all LONG before the IBM PC even existed.
For years I was the Sysop of Pinecliffe BBS with 10 phone lines, running on a wonder rag-tag collection of 286 computers 🙂

In fact, I can truly say that I LOVE doing what I’m doing – even after all this time!

I’ve seen SO many of my competitors go west (or south), and I’ve seen so many of them burn out.
My brother worked for me for some time and for a while we were called the ”fabulous Baker brothers”.
But HE decided he HATED computers.
AND hated computer CUSTOMERS.
He moved off to the west coast.
I can hardly blame him he lives in a BEAUTIFUL house in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington